ToS for Humans

Welcome to the ultimate battlefield of wits and wires – “Human or Not?” – where only the savviest survive! These Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern your epic quest as a User (that's you, the hero of our story) in the digital arena of (“The Website”), brought to you by Humans Corp.

Chapter 1: The Mission Brief

By stepping into our virtual coliseum and engaging with The Game, you're signing a cosmic contract with us, agreeing to these battle rules. If you're not ready to take on this challenge or if you don’t agree with our rules of engagement, you gotta teleport out of here immediately. Remember, only those with the valor of John Connor can proceed!

Chapter 2: The Portal to Adventure

Background: You’re about to enter a world where distinguishing between human intellect and artificial cunning is the name of the game. You get to chat for a limited time, trying to outsmart either a fellow human or one of our crafty AI bots. We grant you the power to play, but remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Registration & Access: To store your legendary scores, you can create an Account using your email. We’ll send you a magical link to keep track of your victories. Be at least 18 years old to join this quest, and remember, impersonating another hero is a big no-no.

Chapter 3: The Rules of Engagement

Restrictions: No cheating, no hacking, and no misusing our digital universe. This means no copying, selling, or messing with the Website and The Game. Don’t unleash any digital beasts (malware, spyware, etc.) in our world.

Intellectual Property Rights: Everything you see in our realm, from the mystical texts to the enchanted graphics, is ours. If you share your brilliant ideas with us, they become part of our arsenal too.

User Content: Be the hero we know you are. Share your thoughts and strategies, but don’t cross over to the dark side with unlawful or harmful content. We don't tolerate digital trolls or any form of “spam” spells.

Chapter 4: The Cloak of Anonymity

We might use your heroic deeds and strategies to improve the realm or share them with scholarly institutions for research. But fear not, your identity will be as hidden as the location of the Resistance Base.

Chapter 5: The Scroll of Privacy

Your quest is under the watchful eyes of our Privacy Policy, so make sure you’re cool with how we handle your personal data.

Chapter 6: The Potion of No Guarantee

We’ve built this realm with care, but can’t promise it’s free from digital gremlins or glitches. You enter and play at your own risk, brave warrior.

Chapter 7: The Shield of Limited Liability

Our magical shield can only protect us so much. In the grand scheme of things, we can't be held responsible for more than a hundred gold coins ($100) for any mishaps in your adventure.

Chapter 8: The Endgame

This quest is eternal, until you decide to hang up your boots. But beware, we may change the landscape or pause the game whenever we deem necessary.

Chapter 9: The Conclave of Law

Our sacred texts are governed by the laws of the mystical land of Israel. If you have any disputes, they’ll be settled in the courts of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Epilogue: The Living Document

Like any good saga, these Terms might evolve over time. Stay alert for updates on our Website. Your continued questing means you’re cool with these changes.

Now, arm yourself with wit and wisdom, for your journey in “Human or Not?” awaits! 🌌🤖🔍🎮

Humans & AI