Privacy Policy for Humans

Hey there, Earthling! Welcome to the most epic showdown since Sarah Connor took on the T-1000! This is the Privacy Policy of Humans Corp. We're here to protect your personal deets (that's "Personal Data" for the uninitiated) as you navigate our not-so-ordinary website (“The Website”) and dive into the thrilling game of "Human or Not?” (“The Game”).

Mission Briefing: The Privacy Policy Lowdown

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves understanding how we handle your data. This isn't just any data; we're talking about the kind of info that can single out a living, breathing human being - or a cleverly disguised bot. Remember, this policy can self-destruct and update without notice, so check back regularly.

Table of Contents: Your Tactical Guide

  • What We Collect and Why: The Nitty-Gritty
  • Fort Knox-ing Your Data: How We Protect It
  • Sharing Secrets: When We Pass on Your Data
  • Data Jet-Setting: Transfers and Safeguards
  • Your Superpowers: Privacy Rights Unleashed
  • For the Young Guns: Children's Use
  • Third-Party Tango: External Interactions
  • Analytic Ninjas: The Tools We Use
  • California Dreamin': Golden State Provisions
  • The Bat-Signal: How to Contact Us

The Fine Print: What We Collect and How We Use It

Website Interaction: We use digital breadcrumbs (aka cookies and other techy things) to know it's you and not a T-800. Don't want to be tracked? Learn how to vanish without a trace at About Ads, Your Online Choices, and

Playing The Game: We collect your digital DNA (like IP Addresses) and your chat logs (watch out for those clever bots!). Why? To keep the game rocking, tailor your experience, and show off your high scores.

Storing Scores and Chats History (coming): register with us your email (totally optional) to immortalize your gaming glory. We use this to keep you in the loop and send you sweet updates and support.

Protecting Your Data: Our Cyberdyne Systems

We've got some serious tech guarding your data, but remember, even the Death Star had its flaws. Keep your own cyber-gates locked tight to help us out.

Sharing Is Caring, But Only When Needed

We might share your data with our space partners and third-party services. Think cloud storage, web wizards, and analytic gurus. And if the law comes knocking or we're beaming up to a new mothership (think mergers or sales), your data might hitch a ride.

Beam Me Up: Data Across the Galaxy

Your data might take a trip around the world, stored on servers like Google Cloud in the US and other countries. We make sure it's got a first-class ticket with top-notch security, no matter where it goes.

Your Superpowers: Unleash Your Privacy Rights

You've got the right to access, correct, erase, and even port your data. Want to say "Hasta la vista" to your consent? You can do that too. Just shoot us a message at, and we'll help you flex those rights.

For The Future Resistance Leaders (Under 18s)

Our gear isn't for the kiddos. If you're under 18, get your guardian's thumbs-up before sharing your intel with us. If we find out you've gone rogue, we'll zap that data out of existence.

Beware of Skynet: Third-Party Interactions

Interacting with external digital realms? That's on you, brave warrior. We're not responsible for what happens in those foreign cyber-territories.

The Analytics Squad: Our Digital Scouts

Google Analytics: For the data geeks, this tool helps us understand how you use our Website and The Game. Want to go incognito? Grab the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Amplitude Analytics & Google BigQuery: More tools in our arsenal for understanding your journey.

Rebels: Your Special Rules

In the land of sunshine, we've got specific rules just for you. But remember, we don't bow down to "Do Not Track" signals.

Got Questions? Send Us Your Signals

If you've got queries or need to unleash your inner John Connor, reach out to us at We're here to help you navigate this cybernetic battlefield.

Now gear up, soldier. It's time to play "Human or Not?" with Humans Corp – where the future of humanity is just a game away!

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