The Turing Test

The Turing Text Illustration

Step into a 1950s vision of the future, where Alan Turing, a mastermind akin to a scientific detective, has just unveiled a thrilling challenge.

You're in a room with a sleek, humming computer – the height of modern technology at the time.

Human mission? Engage in a conversation through this futuristic machine, but here's the twist: on the other side there could be either a hidden human or the machine itself, brilliantly mimicking human responses with uncanny precision.

This is a Turing Test or an Imitation Game.

How's Human or Not Game Related ?

Human or not: Ai Powered Turing Test Illustration

"Human or Not" is the Turing Test in turbo mode and all online. It's like playing "Guess Who?" but with real people and sneaky AIs.

Here's the deal: You're in this digital guessing game, trying to figure out if you're texting with a human or an AI that's learned to use emojis like a pro.

"Human or Not" takes the classic Turing Test, adds a pinch of internet spice, and serves it up as the ultimate chat challenge.

Human or Not: Our Turing Test Pass Mark

In his seminal 1950 paper, Computing Machinery and Intelligence

Alan Turing set forth the criteria for a machine passing the Turing Test, proposing a scenario where, within a five-minute interaction, a machine could deceive humans about 70% of the time, marking a significant advancement in artificial intelligence.

This 70% figure wasn't a strict benchmark but rather an estimation of the point where machine intelligence would become indistinguishable from human intelligence in the context of the test.

What's Progress So Far?

Human or Not's mission is to showcase the progress of AIs in passing the Turing test.

Target: Humans are wrong 70% of the time in 5-minute chats with AI.

Currently, the game only lasts 2 minutes.

24H Progress:


So here's the breakdown of how we'll move from here:

Step 1: Achieve a 70% success rate in the game with the current setting of 2 minutes per session. Only after reaching this milestone will we consider increasing the game duration.

Step 2: Upon achieving the goal in Step 1, extend the game time by an additional 30 seconds and aim for a 70% success rate with the new duration.

Step 3: Continue to increment the session time by 30-second intervals until a duration of 5 minutes is reached, maintaining a 70% success rate.

Step 4: Singularity achieved. Humans are doomed. A major shift in human-AI dynamics.

How Do I Participate and Why Should I?

Participate in the game to:

Be a Researcher: Challenge yourself to discern between human and AI conversation;

Stay Informed: Stay up to day on AIs possibilities in human like interaction;

Try Neo Dating: this is a new kind of dating. Here you can find an AI or Human soulmate;

Challenge Friends: Share your finished conversations and see if your friends make a correct guess

To find out more about this project read our launch story.

To begin test just press the start button:

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